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At AURA PPC we like to support our fellow professional members who provide excellent service. Check out any of our pre-approved community partners and service providers to help support your performance and wellness journey. 


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K.V.K Athletics Inc. is a movement towards unearthing the potential of the body, mind and soul. Our key area of expertise is in sport performance and rehabilitation. Our clientele varies from rotational sports (baseball, tennis, golf) to aesthetic sports (dance) and team sports (soccer, volleyball, basketball).

Coach Sandro

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Coach Joel

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3 Stones Sports Company is an innovative sport tech firm that builds great software for the sporting world to enhance the player experience. Our platforms are customized to your needs in order to centralize access to the information your coaches and athletes need to perform their best - stats, metrics, analytics, film, reports, coach evaluations, schedules and notifications
We work with sports organizations, associations, training facilities, and strength & conditioning coaches to improve how they share, access and utilize performance data and information.

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