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"Competing at a world-class level means a full integration of mental and physical skills"

-Kate F. Hays

the why:


Training your mind provides a critical, dynamic and powerful tool that – when combined with your physical delivery – generates your ultimate peak performance state.

At AURA PPC we understand, assess and educate on how the psychological, cognitive-behavioural, emotional and psychophysiological inhibitors may be blocking your success. We teach you strategic mental performance enhancing tools, and  guide you on how to directly translate the tools into your performance environment. 


Training your mind can strengthen and even  build new neural pathways to aid in the efficient development of consistent execution and positive performance experiences.


Youth Sport + Teams

Competitive Athletes

Elite + Professional Athletes

  • Having trouble staying focused during competition or events?

  • Lack confidence during practice or games?

  • Perform better in practice than in competition?

  • Are you looking for a competitive edge?

  • Are you concerned with your child's experience in organized youth sports?

  • Are you struggling to begin or continue an exercise program?

  • Have you lost confidence or motivation after an injury?

  • Are you looking for a way to improve your sport or exercise experience?


Entrepreneurs + Small Business

Corporate Organizations

Leadership + Employee Performance

  • Enhance productivity, individual and team performance outcomes, synchronize focus and performance pathway.

  • Effectively navigate stress, burnout.

  • Increase deliberate focus and attention for achievement goals.

  • Identify motivational leaks / barriers to obtaining excellence.

  • Learn mental clarity techniques to enhance decision making.

  • Create a balanced working environment to effectively cope, manage and sustain wellbeing while meeting external environmental demands (i.e., budgets, organizational changes, mergers/divestitures, etc.).

  • Enhance leadership skill set.

  • Leadership and business coaching


Personal Self-Development

Corporate Wellness 

Stress Management + Change Support

  • Learn personal self-development tools for a balanced life.

  • Understand your mind-body connection for stress management.

  • Learn how a mindful living can help you find balance and well-being.

  • Understand the importance of mind-body health.

  • Looking to develop your intuitive awareness and integrate into your daily life?

  • Interested in offering corporate wellness programs for your employees and staff?

Performing Arts



Stage + Movie

  • Struggling to meet audition criteria?

  • Nerves impacting your performance?

  • Unable to meet professional demands off stage?

  • Concerned with confidence or motivation?

  • Wanting to take your performance to the next level?

  • Have you reached a performance plateau or feel blocked?

  • Do you want to enhance your creativity?

  • Looking to add more positivity and mental health balance?

neural network, brain mapping, neural pathways, brain connectivity, mind mapping, train your brain, neural network

The benefits of peak performance and mental skills training is to help the individual train their brain and body for optimal results in their performance domain.

get to know:


  • Find success through minimizing mental and physical performance barriers 

  • Learn transferrable skills applicable to work, life, personal development

  • Achieve personal performance improvements and results

  • Understand and recognize unhelpful (maladaptive) behaviours and habits, learn positive / helpful (adaptive) replacement behaviours, beliefs and build new habits.

  • Increase emotional intelligence and self-awareness skills 

  • Build mental and physical resiliency

  • Learn key stress management skills and processes that can be applied, anywhere, anytime.

body movement, train you body, physiology, movement, training, dna expression, mind-body connection, psychology, psychophysiology


We use a variety of psychological, physiological and educational training tools to help support you, such as:

  • mental skills training

  • mindfulness, meditation

  • arousal regulation and control (i.e., stress, anxiety, worry, nerves)

  • clinical counselling hypnotherapy

  • self-regulation and learning

  • mind-body-energy education

  • heart-rate variability biofeedback

  • resiliency training

  • creative visualization

  • communications (i.e., self-talk, inter- and intra-personal skill building)

  • motivation assessment, enhancement

  • SMART goal setting for achievable peak results

  • leadership development

  • team dynamics assessment and training

  • getting in “the zone” or into a “flow” state

  • in-field or virtual event/competition, audition simulations

  • video analysis

learn about:


"Mental strength, also known as mental toughness, is the capacity to effectively deal with various pressures, stressors or challenges when they arise, while maintaining the ability to perform your best, regardless of the circumstance."

-- Clough, 2002

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neural network, brain mapping, neural pathways, brain connectivity, mind mapping, train your brain, neural network, mental, mindset, brain training


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