Sport performance doesn't  start and stop at the physical. Including mental skills coaching in your training regime  


Recognizing how your beliefs influence your outcomes

Build confidence and find your motivation

Epic end goals, but uncertain how to achieve them

Confidential support and guidance

Deliberate practice and presence for developing excellence.

Understanding your identity

Learned perceptions 

Visualization training

Improving self-talk and eliminating maladaptive internal dialogue and behaviours.

Stress management

Performance anxiety and worry

Pre-performance routines


Mindfulness and self-awareness learning

Career transition (sport - school - work)


Learn how to take responsibility for your own 

Emotional awareness 

Self-regulation skill

Understanding the value of  your intuitive guidance in decision making.

Education on the value of athletic wholeness; the biopsychosocial sphere of development.

Heart-Rate Variability Biofeedback

Finding purpose through sport.

Focus, Attention and Concentration

Finding 'the zone' and activating 

Intrapersonal conflict resolution

Understanding the elite lifestyle

Mental skills training for: Injury rehabilitation 


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